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FogLifter (8 stuks)

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Audioquest FOG LIFTETS


    For the past forty years, AudioQuest has insisted 
    that pretty much any improvement in audio is based on reducing "damage" - 
    either by preserving the original information or by avoiding adding misinformation. 

    What makes the new AudioQuest FogLifter so effective is the fact that it effectively combats a major cause of misinformation 
    - high-frequency noise coupled into audio and power cables from the ground. 
    Carpet or wood flooring - not to mention concrete flooring - at first glance doesn't seem to be a source of RF noise;
    however, RF energy is everywhere and always goes where the energy level is lower. 

    Think about lightning or - especially in winter - static electricity. 
    You may not see yourself as a source of energy, but dry heating air can painfully make it clear 
    that there is an energy difference between you and the objects you touch. 
    This analogy is not exactly accurate, but it comes very close to it.

    FogLifters significantly reduce RF coupling, regardless of whether it comes from the floor or as a result of efforts 
    to isolate cables with stands or clamps that are too large in mass and cause RF interference. 

    You might think that a few inches or centimeters won't do much, 
    but like the light of a light bulb, energy decreases exponentially with increasing distance. 
    A few inches or centimeters therefore make a big difference - which is reflected in lower background noise 
    and less impairment and distortion in the connected active circuits. 

    With the view "my cables are shielded, so there is no problem with noise", you are partly right;
    however, given the high frequencies that surround us everywhere thanks to mobile communications, Wi-Fi, etc., 
    conventional shielding cannot prevent capacitive coupling of RF noise into signal-carrying conductors - not to mention 
    that the shielding itself is derived at a ground level, 
    which is in a sense as sensitive as the signal, since “signal” is the difference between signal and ground. 

    The hearing test provides the proof. Enjoy listening!

  • Scope of delivery: 8 FogLifters
  • Dimensions: Width: 14cm | Depth: 14cm | Height: 15 cm