IDEAL allows you trusted, secure and easy online purchases. iDEAL is the system that links you directly to your Internet banking program for an online purchase. To use iDEAL, you do not have to register, download files or create an account. Do you use online banking with ABN AMRO, Fortis, Postbank, Rabobank or SNS Bank, you can pay using iDEAL. You charge quickly and easily into the familiar online banking from your own bank. Pay as you are already familiar.

How does iDEAL?

Pay with iDEAL do in a few steps:
* You order a product
* Select a payment method iDEAL
* Select the bank where you arrange your banking online
* You can also access the familiar online banking application from your bank
* The relevant details of your purchase are all completed
* In the familiar way you approve the payment
* You will receive a confirmation of your bank
* You return to the shop, ordering and payment success!


This payment method allows you to make your transaction through PayPal. To do so you have to have an account with PayPal.Het create a PayPal account through the following link: PayPal. Once disconnect your bank account, or credit card to a PayPal account. It is free to open a PayPal account.
Through PayPal you can pay your order by credit card.


Pay with your debit card with us also, this is only possible at our location.
Pay with your debit card is as follows:


1) Insert the debit card in the ATM. Let the only sit during payment.
2) Check the amount on the display, enter your 4-digit PIN and press OK.
3) Wait for confirmation and take the card from the machine


How does it work?
The system operates according to the PIN / TAN method. With the secure transfer by automatically the connection to your online bank. Payment will then be sent immediately. In this way, online shopping quickly and safely.
Account holders of the following banks can make use of it:
a. ABN Amro
b. Friesland Bank
c. ING
d. Rabobank
e. SNS Bank
Belgian banks:
a. Dexia Bank
b. Fortis
c. ING Bank
d. KBC
e. AXA Bank
The advantages:
Data will be filled as much as possible for you:
All data required to make the payment, such as the amount, the recipient and the account number are already filled in on the form. It therefore belongs to the past that you have to fill everything yourself.
You can pay dirct at checkout. You do not separate to the website of your bank to make the payment.
Your payment can be processed immediately.
As safe as online banking through your bank:
The system accepts the same PIN codes and a valid TAN number from your bank because you login with your own data at your bank. The TÜV certified online payment has to date not been no fraud case yet. However, we want to point out that there are many banks that assume that if you use this leads to infringement of privacy by a third because you use your PIN and TAN outside your normal banking environment. It is possible that your bank will not reimburse this payment if something would go wrong. To prevent this has an insurance policy which you are insured with fraud or something went wrong with the payment.


How do you pay with Mister Cash
Mister Cash is an increasingly popular method of payment in Belgium. Its use is therefore simple, fast and safe and reliable. If you are also going to use white Mister Cash you this aanvragern at the bank where you bank. You will get a card and a PIN. It is not necessary to shut down network subscription and there are no extra charges. You can simply use this card and your PIN make your payments and it is also possible to withdraw cash at an ATM. Of course you do have to ensure that there is enough money in your bank account. All your payments are processed through the payment page of your online banking. For this, there are very strict security systems that are impossible to achieve for fraudsters. The payments you make will be processed within a few seconds and you will see immediately on your online bank statement. This prevents you do not know what you spent, keep constant track of your spending.
The advantages of Mister Cash at a glance
easy to use
quickly and efficiently
particularly safe
No extra charges for payments to be used at many stores, gas stations and vending machines
CASH pick up
all your payments directly on your statement
no subscription required
can also be used since 2006 for online payments


Through prepay (bank transfer)

It is also possible to carry out your order by bank transfer (advance payment). In this case, you make the payment, after we send the package with receipt of payment. You can select this option during the checkout process. After confirming your order you will receive a message with payment details. When your payment is received (this may depend on your bank 1 to 3 working days), your order is processed. You will receive (if the items are in stock) the next day your order.
We will e-mail the payment details;
You will receive an email notification when the order amount is received by us (this can be 1 to 3 working days depending on your bank);
After receiving payment, your order will be shipped the same day.