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Stax SRM-400S

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The Stax SRM-400S is an electrostatic headphone amplifier designed to deliver high quality sound to electrostatic headphones.
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Stax SRM-400S

The Stax SRM-400S is an electrostatic headphone amplifier designed to deliver high quality sound to electrostatic headphones. Stax, a renowned brand of electrostatic audio equipment, has created a reliable and powerful amplifier for serious audio enthusiasts with the SRM-400S.

The SRM-400S uses advanced electrostatic technology to achieve accurate and detailed sound reproduction. Electrostatic drivers use ultra-thin membranes placed between stator plates. This allows them to respond to audio stimuli faster than traditional dynamic drivers, resulting in unparalleled sound clarity with a wide frequency range.

A key feature of the SRM-400S is its robust construction and reliable performance. With a linear power supply, this amplifier provides a stable and noise-free power supply to the electrostatic headphones, minimizing distortion and maintaining optimal sound reproduction.

The amplifier has both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) analog inputs, allowing users to connect different audio sources. This makes the SRM-400S versatile and can be easily integrated into various audio setups.

In terms of sound quality, the SRM-400S delivers an excellent representation of the sound spectrum. The amplifier offers a balanced and transparent sound reproduction, with a deep and tight bass, a lively mid-range and a sparkling high. This allows listeners to hear every detail in their music and enjoy an immersive listening experience.

The elegant design of the SRM-400S blends well with the aesthetics of a high-end audio system. The compact size makes it easy to place in an audio rack or on a desk, and the simple operation makes for an effortless and user-friendly experience.

In short, the Stax SRM-400S is a high-quality electrostatic headphone amplifier that will appeal to serious audio enthusiasts. With its advanced technology, reliable performance and excellent sound quality, the SRM-400S provides a listening experience that brings the music to life, revealing all the nuances and details in the music. It's an amplifier that makes a valuable addition to any audio setup, bringing out the best in electrostatic headphones.