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Oyaide C-004

The Oyaide C-004 available from Hi-Stands is inherited from the philosophy from M1/F1 is the newest model of P/C series and provides excellent practical utility and superior cost performance.

In order to respond adequately to the demands of customers, it has taken many years to make researches, test repeatedly, and achieve to produce the innovative product. Consequently, Oyaide now can provide the C-004.

The contact of the Oyaide C-004 is made of beryllium copper that insures mechanical integrity and high conductivity. And the plating of the C-004 is a combination of platinum and palladium. The outer barrel is made from thick Polycarbonate that has superior mechanical strength and is colored black diamond which was projected the image of emotional and exciting sound.

Blade-Beryllium Copper
The contact of the C-004 is made of beryllium copper, same as the M1/F1 series using a new and high level performance.

The use of heat treated beryllium copper insures electromechanical integrity and high conductivity. The contact of C-004 is 1.0mm thick and 6.0mm wide. This provides maximum contact area and is highly rigid, holding more than 8kg and has the advantage of reducing vibration at the point of contact with no loss of signal transmission.

Plating Process
To complete C-004, the manufacturing process is started from foundation coating. The material which was punched out as a part is polished by hand piece by piece after machined barrel-polishing.

The plating of the C-004 is a combination of platinum and palladium which were selected as a result of repeated listening tests. The inner platinum layer is 0.5 microns thick and the outer palladium layer is 0.3 microns thick.

30% glass filled PBT is employed for its excellent machining characteristic and electrical isolation. The highly rigid body of the P/C-004 actualizes high-speed vibration attenuation. All screws which were originally designed for M1/F1 and P/C series are made of highly rigid stainless steel. Moreover, in thorough testing, the cable has never separated from the plug by a force less than 30kg.

Outer Casing
The outer barrel is made from thick Polycarbonate. Its strength and hardness attenuate small vibrations at high speed with no added distortion due to its superior rigidity.

Specification C-004: 
Contacts Beryllium copper
Plating Two times of grinding processes.
Platimum (0.5 micron) layered Paradium(0.3 micron) 
install cable O.D. min 6.5mm max 17.0mm