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Power supply, 4 x 12V and 1 x 20V
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Unleash Reliable Power with the BRIK Powermaster

Strive for perfection in power management with the BRIK Powermaster. This advanced power distributor takes your audio and video system to the next level by delivering a clean, stable power supply. Whether you're a passionate audiophile or simply looking for optimal performance, the BRIK Powermaster is the key to an enhanced listening and viewing experience.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Stable Power Supply: The BRIK Powermaster provides a consistent and stable power supply for all your audio and video systems. Eliminate fluctuations and noise that can affect performance, and enjoy crystal clear sound and sharp images.

  2. Multiple Outputs: Multiple AC outputs allow you to connect different devices without sacrificing power quality. Power your amplifiers, source devices, and accessories with the BRIK Powermaster for optimal performance.

  3. Advanced Filtering: The Powermaster is equipped with advanced filtering technologies to reduce grid pollution and disruptions. Experience a cleaner stream that improves sound and picture quality.

  4. Durable Design: With a rugged housing and high-quality components, the BRIK Powermaster is built to deliver long-lasting performance. Invest in reliability and enjoy years of trouble-free use.

  5. Easy Integration: Thanks to the compact design and flexible placement options, you can effortlessly integrate the BRIK Powermaster into your existing audio setup. Add this power distributor and immediately notice the difference.

  6. Enhanced Sound and Picture Quality: Experience improved audio reproduction and visual clarity with the BRIK Powermaster. The optimized power supply provides a more natural sound and vivid picture.

  7. Elegant Appearance: In addition to its impressive performance, the BRIK Powermaster has a contemporary and stylish design. Add a touch of class to your audio setup with this high-quality power distributor.

Conclusion: Increase the performance of your audio and video system with the BRIK Powermaster. Enjoy reliable and high-quality power, resulting in an immersive listening and viewing experience. Choose the BRIK Powermaster and take your entertainment to a new level.

Invest in the BRIK Powermaster today and experience the benefits of an optimized power supply for your valuable audio and video systems.