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Review Spikes fixed (Each)

Spikes fixed (Each)

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Spikes fixed | d=30 mm, h=16 mm

Spikes using fixed stainless steel tips. Available in golden, silvery and black finish. Top side has an adhesive pad on it. When you order 6 or 8 pieces, you will receive an attractive discount.

Effective accessories for a friendly price

Cones (wide spikes) under your loudspeakers will create a good coupling between them and the floor. Unwanted vibrations of the loudspeaker cabinet will be absorbed by the floor now. Powerful low frequencies will hardly influence mid and high frequencies, resulting in a more vivid sound. On top of that, the low frequency reproduction will be tighter.

Dampers under equipment may result in a significant rise of sound quality. All equipment has microphonic properties, that is: sensitive to sound from the environment. This way, music from your loudspeakers will be mixed with the music signal, which leads to a significant blurring of the reproduction. Dampers will isolate equipment from the surroundings, this will reduce the effect to a great extent.
  • Cones, spikes, discs, dampers and CD spray
  • More precision and resolution
  • Will enhance the live feeling and dynamics
  • Better three dimensional dispersion
  • Will create a natural timbre
  • Cones and spikes are height adjustable
  • Treated with ci2p (Creaktiv Integrated Information Process)
  • Available in golden, silvery or black finish