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Cylindric Fuse Cartridge

The first, crucial link of your audio/video system

Modern consumer units make use of automatic, resettable fuses. They measure current-flow on a magnetical basis to interrupt current after an overload or short circuit. An advantage of these fuses is the reset-function, a major disadvantage can be found in the negative influence it has on sound and vision quality.

Audio Grade replacement for standard circuit breakers
Durably silver plated contacts for best conductivity
Cryogen threaded + demagnetized
Ceramic fuse, enhanced thermal stability
Fuse features durably silver plated contacts and is slow-blow (time lag, aM)
Switch and fuse combined in one package, DIN-rail mount
Capable of accommodating cables up to 10 mm²/3 AWG
Sizes 36 X 81 mm (1.4 X 3.2 inch)
Fuse size 10 X 38 mm (0.4 X 1.5 inch)
CE, IEC, EN, DIN and VDE certified
Including spare fuse
In addition to the standard 16 A fuse, also available with 20, 25 and 32 A
Can be upgraded by using a silver/gold plated HiFi-Tuning fuse