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De oyaide MTS-6-e
The Dual-Spring vise structure is newly-developed for the contacts of our new outlet. Due to its strong holding power and 9mm wide contact area, the contacts tightly hold the inserted pins and reduce vibration at the contacts with no loss of signal transmission. 

30% glass filled PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) is employed for its excellent machining characteristic and electrical isolation property.

Due to the integral molding method of the base and the mounting flame, it effectively attenuates high-speed vibrations. And, the tight contact between its body and electrode helps to reduces unnecessary vibration as well. 

All components, from 6.0 mm thick contact down to stainless screws, are made of non-magnetic substance. 

The chassis is made of highly rigid stainless steel called “SUS304”. It helps to protect from electro-magnetic wave and noise in wide frequency range. 

We adapted VEM 313 sheet (Visco Elastic Material) for damping material for the inside of the chassis. 

Selected OFC 2mm conductor is chosen for its internal AC wireing. 

For the better separation from the floor, we specially employed accurately machined brass spikes. Although it is set to four-point support as default, three-point support is also applicable according to your preference.

Receptacles SWO-XXX-E
Contact material Deoxididized phosphor bronze
Contact structure Dual-Spring Vice Structure
Plating 24K gold + Palladium
Body PBT + 30% Glass Filled
Body Color White
Dimensions (W x L x H) 75 x 460 x 53 mm
Weight 2.8 kg