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Review Macro Q USB-A active corrector

Macro Q USB-A active corrector

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Macro Q USB-A active corrector

USB transmission was developed for connecting computer peripherals, certainly not for transporting digital audio. Frequently, the computer’s high-frequency noise of the power supply is superposed on the data lines. Although the data can be corrected due to buffers and asynchronous transmission (redundancy), the jitter of the physical signal is very high. Still a long way from really jitter-free.

These are the two main problems:

  1. High-frequency noise of the computers' power supply is superposed on the data lines, interfering with digital and even analog signals after your DAC.
  2. Jitter is too high, the original signal will not pass bit-perfect. It doesn't matter much what type of metal and purity conductor is used for the transmission. As long as no active corrective circuitry is used, noise problems will stay more or less the same.

Telos Macro Quantum USB active noise cancelling works just like a triaxial stabilizer for your camera. By using a detection circuit to detect noise and take countermeasures (sending the original noise exactly out of phase), a relatively stable USB transmission channel is obtained.

The Telos Engineering Team uses two special ICs to detect and compensate. After plugging in Macro Q, it connects with the data lines and the special IC will detect random noise and create a dynamic noise trap, achieving the purity of the real transmission signal by reducing losses in the digital signal path.

Macro Q is able to generate an exact copy of the noise of any digital device connected to the USB, perfectly phase shifted to yield a noise sum that's nearly zero. This will tremendously expand dynamic range of the USB data lines, thus eliminating errors and jitter.

The specially treated connecting cable is an integral part of the system and has to be used in order to get the best results. 

To make the Macro Q an even more effective device, a Schumann generator has been incorporated. This results in a cleaner data transmission of which the effects can't be missed. You will notice a less "digital" sound, with more calmness and details. 


  • Lowers noise floor on your USB data lines
  • Shunt device, corrects HF data noise
  • High tech anti-phasing circuitry
  • lowers bit errors and jitter
  • Schumann resonance generator incorporated
  • Specially treated connecting cable of 18 cm is included
  • Weight 36 gram, cable 24 g
  • Dimensions 63x30x11 mm