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Review Disco Antistat 1 Set

Disco Antistat 1 Set

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Knosti Disco-Antistat Record Cleaning Kit

Most vinyl-lovers are aware of the sonic benefits of playing a clean record. However, no matter how much you spend on a Turntable, Tonearm and Cartridge or the care you may take with the set-up to deliver the best possible sound from your turntable, it’s ultimately the LP itself that is the source of the sound. Therefore, effective and proper cleaning of your record has a tremendous influence on the end sound that you hear from your speakers.

Easy To Use
However, most people don’t clean their LPs as often as they should because they think record cleaning is too much like hard work...which with the Knosti Disco Antistat record cleaning machine it definitely is not! Plus, most of us want to spend our time playing records, not cleaning them.

The Knosti has simplified the procedure and made the task less of a grind…and doesn't cost a fortune by comparison with full-blown record cleaning machines like those from American company VPI.

Developed in Germany in 1978, the Knosti Disco-Antistat has simplified the procedure and made the task less of a grind. It has become one of the world’s most popular record cleaning tools, due to its efficiency, ease of operation and affordable price. Its success is also due to the fact that it bridges the gap between the very cheap but mainly ineffective ‘cloth and fluid’ group of record cleaners and the full-blown esoteric and expensive vacuum machines like those made by American company VPI.

The Knosti Disco Antistat has been on the market unchanged since 1978! That alone is testimony to its effectiveness. It removes the dirt and dries the record without leaving any residues. It also minimises static electricity which is a big problem affecting record performance. If you are into or back into vinyl, then you need, yes need one.

Revive Your Vinyl Collection.
Record Washing Machine.
Helps Minimise Static.
Removes Dirt & Dries Residue Free.
Does Not Require Power.
Easy To Use.
Very Economical.
Replacement 1 Litre Refills available.
Made In Germany.