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Review Statement Reference, MC cartridge

Statement Reference, MC cartridge

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Statement Reference, MC cartridge

The Master and Reference models use a five piece OTL cantilever technology achieving an additional 5% tip mass reduction over the Platinum and Sonata models. The coils are wound with ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper wire. The Master model is mounted with Grado's specially designed nude elliptical diamond, and the Reference model uses Grado's true ellipsoid design diamond

Statement Reference Technical Specifications:

Frequency Response 10-60 
Principal MI 
Channel Separation at 1KHz 40 
Imput Load 47K 
Output at 1KHz 5CM/sec. 4.8mV 
Recommended Tracking Force 1.5 
Stylus Type E 
Inductance 45mH 
Resistance 475 
Compliance CUs 20 
Stylus Replacement F=Factory F 
Mounting S 
Weight 6.5 
Handcrafted mahogany

Changing the stylus of the Grado Wood (Reference and Statement series) cartridges is not possible.
You can get 20% of the last known price back when you give your old cartridge back. This is only possible if you buy a new cartridge of the same type or a more expensive Grado cartridge.