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Mains Multiplier 5

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Working principle
The Mains Multiplier is not a regular multiple socket, more a work of art made on a CNC machine that shapes this form out of one piece synthetic material. Yes… synthetic! The results speak for them selve, optical as well as electrical. 

The type of the five outputs is chosen because of the high contactpressure, which is obvious when putting in or pulling out an electric plug. More contactpressure and an optimal contact surface do create a low resistancevalue, this is very important for a good voltage distribution. 

The wiring from phase, neutral and earth are connected by a star principle. Every output has its own wiring towards the feed cable. Peaks in the current or interference signals that appear on the earth contacts of one socket will now have less effect on the other sockets. 

Just behind the IEC input connector a Pulse protector is integrated. This prevents peaks and pulses to reach your equipment. For more information, read about the Pulse Protector elsewhere on this site. 

Where to use?
Wherever you need to connect multiple loads to the mains, the Mains Multiplier is a wise choice. Of course you will have to use high performance supply cables, else the Mains Multiplier will not perform at its best. It's a combination of factors, only if you use the Mains Multiplier in combination with high performance supply cables you will have the maximum results for your audiosystem.

Of course it is possible to use the Mains Multiplier as a ordinary multiple socket without high performance supply cables, but this will not give you optimal results. Our advice is to keep on saving, the result will be rewarding. 

What to expect?
An improvement in dynamics, a much better sound image and a lower hum level. The soundcharacter of your audio system remains, fortunately!

By using the Mains Multiplier with integrated Pulse Protector your equipment has less trouble with electrical failures induced by distortion on your network, and it is better protected against damage through lightning impacts nearby. A guarantee that lightning impacts will not damage your devices can not be given because the energy-content is too high.

The Mains Multiplier is supplied with an ordinary mains cord, just to prevent you from coming home without having one. We suggest you get a good cord, for example our Current Conductor, to have better results. 

Protecting Phase-Neutral, Phase-Earth and Neutral-Earth
Maximum Voltage: 250 Volt
Maximun peak-voltage: 2500 volt
Maximum peak-current: 4500 Ampere
Maximum peak-energy: 3x65 Joule
Responsetime: <25 nanosecond
Maximum continuous current per socket: 6 Ampère
Maximum total current: 10 Ampère