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Review Damping ring for tubes (1 Piece)

Damping ring for tubes (1 Piece)

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Duende Criatura
Duende Criatura tube rings considerably reduce microphonics, distortion and self-oscillation from audio tubes. They are to be slid around the top part of the tube where they reduce mechanical vibrations. The listener will notice improvement of three dimensional picture, a more controlled bass and a cleaner soundstage.
The before mentioned effects are at their best when the tube ring is sitting around the top part of the tube. The tube?s ability to radiate heat will be unaffected.

The base ring has been manufactured of pure grade Teflon because Teflon has a high specific weight and good dampening characteristics. Teflon can handle temperatures up to 260 degrees C., considerably above the typical tube working temperature of 160 to 220 degrees C. The titanium clamp insures an intense contact between Teflon ring and glass tube. Titanium has been used because tube circuitry are normally high-impedance designs and therefore sensitive to eddy-currents. Titanium, unlike other kinds of metal, does not carry eddy-currents.

Duende Criatura tube rings are the result of years of design and experimentation and can be used in pre stages, phase splitters and output stages. Improvement is recognizable in non-amplifying and high feedback stages, but sound improvement is at its optimum in amplifying and low feedback stages. The Duende Criatura tube rings are available in different sizes for most tube types. Non standard ring sizes can be manufactured on request. Tube rings can be easily cleaned in either a dishwasher or with degreasing soap and hot water.