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Review SorboGel Q Feet System (4 Stück)

SorboGel Q Feet System (4 Stück)

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Stereophile "Recommended Component" 2006

A Quantum Leap in Quashing Vibration

Unique shape and design give AudioQuest Q Feet a qualitative advantage over competing isolation feet for a quantum leap in vibration control.

AudioQuest Q Feet earned inclusion in the coveted Stereophile "Recommended Component" listing for April 2006. "These feet are the best means of isolating components from vibration."

The unique Q Feet are filled with the same energy absorbing Sorbothane damping gel as the old half-sphere shape of AudioQuest's Big Feet. But damping ability is now improved over the solid Sorbothane design by the distinctive 'Q' shape, which reduces shear in the horizontal plane. The net result is improved vibration control.

You'll find ubiquitous uses for Q Feet, from DVD players to surround sound processors, receivers, and more. The two-piece design lets you use them safely on fine furniture. Q Feet are way Qool!

A set of four Q Feet supports up to 40 lbs.