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Review 8095BK Pure Silver Schuko Plug

8095BK Pure Silver Schuko Plug

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IeGo 8095BK Pure Silver Schuko Plug

IeGO Dreamworks is a manufacturer of audiophile-grade cables and connectors, and produces some of the best connectors available - regardless of price. Based in Taiwan and in business since 2000, leGO manufactures parts for many of the worlds top cable companies. IeGo products are manufactured in-house, they use Furukawa copper as the base material for all of their copper based connectors unlike many competitors, who use phosphor bronze and brass, which is not as good a conductor as pure copper. The 99,99% pure Japanese "prime grade red copper" is acid-bathed to remove impurities and the entire connector is deep cryogenically treated at -240°C for 20 hours to relieve internal stresses within the material, which also improves conductivity and hardness of the material, so the contacts are not bent. The IeGo Schuko plug is made from pure Furukawa copper with a silver plating and then hand polished. The housing is a special PVC manufactured in Japan by General.

  • Pure contacts silver, rhodium plated
  • Hand polished contacts
  • Cryogen treated
  • Rim earth as well as pin earth
  • Special Jananese PVC housing
  • Available in a black or transparent version
  • Wire entry up to 2 X 4 mm² / 11 AWG
  • Cable entry up to 17 mm / 0.7"
  • Diameter body 38 mm / 1.5", total length 84 mm / 3.3"