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Beoordeel Grounding Noise Reducer Mini V3.1

Grounding Noise Reducer Mini V3.1

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Telos Audio Design Grounding Noise Reducer Mini V3.1

A grounding (also called earthing) facility has always been there for the sole purpose of safety. For example, shock hazard prevention, lightning protection, noise shielding and other functions.

In an audio setup, the effectiveness of the grounding facility has an immediate impact on the background noise. This translates to poor sound quality and greatly worsens the listening experience.

Present situation
It is almost impossible to get satisfactory grounding facility, let alone one that meets the requirements for audio use. Most of the time, they only adhere to the minimum safety requirements. The common ones have the Neutral wire and the Ground wire connected together, or there is no Ground on the receptacles, leaving the Ground wire unconnected. This allows noise from the home appliances to pollute the Neutral wire, hence, causing interference. Electrical appliances like inverter air conditioner and those with switching power supplies, like computers, generate the highest level of interference.

When the electrical reference point is polluted with noise, it could get into the signal path and you could hear it as noise. The noise could potentially enter the digital circuit and cause bit error.

The pros and cons of a passive audio grade grounding box
Passive grounding boxes out there are made using materials with good conductivity like copper plates, copper rods, copper mesh, mineral powder or some composite substance. The good point about the passive, simulated ground is that it is very easy to make. In fact, most of them can be made easily.

The challenge is that passive grounding could only alleviate voltage change. They are not able to provide near ground reference voltage. Hence, it is not able to quickly stabilize the fluctuating potential difference between the audio equipment. This could be liken as ships on the ocean, always floating, the ground reference is never stable enough.

At the same time, the properties of the minerals or electrolyte will change over time and need to be serviced on a regular basis. This includes material replacement, realignment, or replenishing of the electrolyte before the effectiveness could be restored again.

Telos GNR active grounding box
Due to the above limitations, Telos brings new meaning to grounding implementation. And this has been proven to be the most elegant way for any audio setup.

Their technical team analyzes audio equipment from a unique perspective. Every audio equipment uses a power supply in order to operate at the correct internal voltage. Hence, each equipment is said to have the primary side and secondary side. The primary side is from the power receptacle, all the way to the input of the power supply. The secondary side is from the output of the power supply to the circuit board. The audio circuitry remains within the secondary side.

The Telos technical team proposes the use of a CPU within the GNR to calculate and generate a high precision ground reference voltage. Grounding is achieved by connecting the audio equipment to the binding posts of the Telos GNR that carries the ground reference voltage. By doing so, GNR is able to truly correct the ground reference point for the equipment chassis, audio circuitry and the ground connection.

Using the same analogy as a high precision digital clock, GNR generates a low distortion ground reference voltage, giving each equipment a consistent reference point. When the audio setup is operating on a singular ground potential, the signal transmission becomes least impeded, avoiding any transmission loss due to polarity mismatch and bit error. Therefore, it truly achieves the best transmission possible.

Telos GNR Active Grounding Box comes with ground cables of the same materials. Thus each equipment is having the same grounding impedance characteristics, this greatly reduces the likelihood of coloration.

By having an isolated ground for your audio setup, the effect is as good as having a dedicated power line. Because the GNR generated ground potential only serves your audio setup, noise will be totally isolated.

Note: The Grounding Noise Reducer won't work properly if you have a balanced electricity grid or use a balanced isolation transformer.


  • Provides a low impedance grounding in your system
  • Uses Telos Grounding Noise Reducer (GNR) Technology 
  • 2 Ground inputs
  • Includes 2 grounding cables
  • Weight 1.8 kg
  • Dimensions 18x13.5x4 cm