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Beoordeel HS Spikes (Zwart)

HS Spikes (Zwart)

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ViaBlue HS Spikes

ViaBlue™ HS spikes receive vibrations from vibrating bodies like speakers (such as diaphragms) and devices (such as transformers and reduces them. The vibrations are absorbed through the high pressure point achieved, where the maximum weight (speakers, devices) is concentrated on a minimum point (point of the spike). Most notably, the bass acoustics sound clearer, cleaner and more distinct. Thus, the bass is not transmitted to the furnishings and buildings, but can develop freely in the room.

Each ViaBlue HS Spike consists of a total of 4 components: the main absorber cone, a base plate, the M6 to M6 thread stick and an M6 drive-in nut. Not only are the acoustics more distinct, but visually the HS spikes are an eye-catcher. Material/ ground: brass, black-chrome, Ø = 0.70 inch, M6 threads, loads of at least 50 kg per set (4 spikes per box)

With the M6 to M6 thread stick included, HS spikes can be tightly connected with speakers or devices. This ensures a steady state and the best possible connection of the absorption reducer to the vibrating. For speaker cases and devices with built-in M8 threads, special M6/M8 thread sticks go from the HS spikes M6 threads to M8 threads. Optionally M6 to M4, M6 to M8, M6 to M10, M6 to M12 and M6 to 1/4"-20UNC are available.

The three-part HS spikes are adjustable in height. The initial height is 1.5 inch. The maximum height adjustment recommended is 0.15 inch. The spikes are delivered with drive-in nuts.

Basic height 38 mm
Height adjustments Ø4 mm
Max diameter 18 mm
Max load capacity 50 KG / set
Colour Black
Number of total parts 16 pieces