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Beoordeel TwisterWall Speaker (per stuk)

TwisterWall Speaker (per stuk)

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Creaktiv Systems TwisterWall Speaker

Has to be placed in front of the loudspeakers, with the pyramids facing straight upwards and angled upwards respectively. Harmonises electrical as well as electromagnetical fields. Width is 40 cm. Consists of ci2p treated quartz glass, black and polished. The results are clear: a more analog, spacious sound that's nearly tangible.

Less electrosmog -> more music!

The German company Creaktiv Systems is a well known company working in close cooperation with the German market leader in terms of electro smog; Gabriel Technologie. Cooperation was a natural step, because their products - originally intended for electrosensible people and health care - surely didn't miss their effects on audio/video experience. Their range of products include items like Twister Stops, Tuning Chips, Power Plug Optimizers and Hybrid AIR field Equalizers that all share the intention to reduce the amount of electrical and/or magnetic fields in your listening room, thus greatly enhancing your audio/video experience.

Massive reduction of electrosmog in your listening room
Greatly improved audio/video performance
All products contain the ci2p technology
Wide range of products for numerous specific applications
14 Day money back guarantee