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Clearaudio Pure Groove is a powerful cleaning fluid.
But we do not recommend to clean your shellac records with Pure Groove because Vinylcleaner easily affect Shellac. Please use only liquids which are specifically developed for this purpose (for example Clearaudio Pure Groove Shellac Art. No. AC048/SH/010, AC048/SH/025, AC048/SH/050, AC048/SH/100, AC048/SH/250).

Direction for use:
For best results use Clearaudio Pure Groove in combination with a Clearaudio recordcleaning machine (for example Clearaudio Smart Matrix Professional Art. No. AC125,Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic Art. No. AC141).

1. Use with Clearaudio-Record cleaning machine

Apply a small amount of Pure Groove to the record’s surface and spread it across the surface using a cleaning brush (for example Clearaudio Pure Groove Brush Art. No. AC015). Make sure that a continuous film of fluid is created across the entire playing surface, but avoiding the record label. Let the record revolve for approximately 30 seconds holding the cleaning brush gently against the surface so that a small “bow-wave” is created in front of the brush. The turbulence within the bow-wave will clean deep into the record’s groove.

After approximately 30 seconds, push “VACUUM” until the record is dry.

In certain cases where the record is extremely dirty a second application may be necessary.

If you use the Double Matrix Professional or the Double Matrix Professional Sonic we would recommend to use the funnel to fill the Pure Groove into the machine.

2. Use without record cleaning machine

If using without a record cleaning machine, follow the above steps while the LP rotate on your turntable, but after cleaning with Pure Groove, gently wipe the record with a lint-free cloth
to remove as much of the dirty cleaning fluid as possible. Reapply and repeat this process to remove more of the soiled fluid the finally rinse with clean distilled water and place in a dish rack to dry thoroughly before play.