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iFi audio Power Station

The Schuko iFi Audio Power Station 6-port power strip uses Active Noise Cancellation technology to provide a high-end system that can provide an extremely clean and stable electrical signal, essential to allow your audio / AV system to reach its full potential!

Indeed, a recurring problem in many installations is the quality of the power supply from a power outlet. This can be altered by numerous surrounding EMI / RFI interferences that have a direct impact on the quality of the electrical signal and consequently on the sound reproduction.

The Power Station thus aims to effectively reduce noise and electrical signal distortion. It is also the first system of the brand to feature the brand's Active Noise Cancellation technology on a set of outlets (6) and not on a single outlet.

Intelligent technology to tackle an universal problem

At the heart of iFi Audio's Power Station is the Active Noise Cancellation II, the latest version of the brand's proprietary noise cancellation technology. A large majority of products acting on the electrical signal use a passive noise reduction system based on filters and regulators. While this method may be effective, it also has some disadvantages that iFi Audio technology exceeds by using reverse noise current to remove noise from the main circuit. The latter is actually quite similar to what is found in the noise cancellation systems of some headphones.

Noise from a mains socket appears at different frequencies, depending on its origin. While passive noise reduction systems can be effective at high frequencies, this is much less the case at low frequencies. In addition, they require large capacitors to be truly effective. These products are therefore often cumbersome and expensive.

Active Noise Cancellation II is effective over the entire spectrum, reducing noise by approximately 40dB. It is also coupled to a passive filter on each port to also eliminate higher frequency noise, often caused by wireless transmission systems. The result is an affordable power strip that offers extremely efficient noise reduction, whether differential mode or common mode noise.

Smart features to enhance an protect

The Power Station incorporates an intelligent diagnostic system that helps to avoid potential errors by indicating the correct polarity and the presence of a mass in place. The lack of an effective grounding can create audible buzz or hum noise, resulting from the amplification of low-level mains noise. This can be corrected by connecting the optional ground cable and supplied to the Power Station ground socket. This Intelligent Ground technology also prevents the creation of a ground loop, even if the system is already grounded.

The Power Station not only improves the performance of each connected audio / AV component, but also protects it from voltage peaks or surges. This constant protection ensures that your equipment will not be damaged by voltage fluctuations. If the protection circuit is triggered, the Power Station will restart only if it is absolutely sure to do so.

Specialised construction for optimum performance

The Power Station's rugged aluminum housing is designed to integrate seamlessly into a high-end audio/AV system. Each port of the power strip is isolated individually to prevent differential mode inter-contamination. All conductors are made of 99.9999% pure OFHC Copper ensuring excellent conductivity, including for large section internal wiring. The overall design allows this power strip to offer performance that no other product of this type can achieve in this price range.

On the sound side, this translates into much better clarity and definition, dynamics and spatial qualities.

Dimensions 478 (L) x 96 (w) x 76 (h) mm
Warranty 2 years
Brand iFi-Audio
Color Black