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iFi Audio Gemini3.0 Dual Headed USB Cable

The unique iFi Gemini Dual Headed USB cable has been specially developed for use on the dual USB output on the iFi nano iUSB3.0 and micro iUSB3.0. The primary USB output on the iUSB3.0 devices contains both the corrected data signal and the clean 5V USB power. The second USB output contains only the very clean 5V USB power. The Gemini Dual Headed USB cable is constructed in such a way that data and current remain separated in the da converter as far as the USB receiver. This provides an audible improvement in dynamics, detailing, spatiality and timbre. The moveable 'noise silencers' that surround the cable are made of ceramics that contain metal oxide. These filter, each in their own frequency range, RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) up to 1000MHz away from the shielding of the cable.

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The iFi Gemini Dual Headed USB cable is unique.

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