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iFi Audio AC iPurifier

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The iFi Audio Signal Enhancer is an innovative audio device that acts as a signal booster for optimal performance.
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iFi Audio AC iPurifier

The iFi Audio Signal Enhancer is an innovative audio device that acts as a signal booster for optimal performance. The device is capable of clearing the signal from interference and distortion often caused by electronic disturbances and environmental factors. These can range from wireless signals such as Bluetooth to the switching power supplies in modern devices.

Most important features:

  1. Signal Purification: The iFi Audio Signal Enhancer acts as an active parallel filter, purifying the signal from interfering interference and distortion. This results in a cleaner and clearer sound with no loss of dynamics.

  2. Power Source LED Indicator: The Signal Enhancer is equipped with a two-color LED indicator - red or green - that indicates whether the device is properly connected to the power source or 'reversed'. This allows users to ensure that the power supply is optimally connected.

  3. Detection of Ungrounded Devices: The device can detect ungrounded devices that may be causing the system to malfunction. An additional bi-color LED indicates whether such a device has been detected.

  4. Optional Ground Cable: If an ungrounded device is detected, it can be connected to the Signal Enhancer's "intelligent ground" input via an optional ground cable. This prevents ground loops without compromising the grounding of the device.

  5. Cumulative Application: It is possible to use multiple Signal Enhancers in one system. The positive effect on signal quality is cumulative, further improving performance.

Why the iFi Audio AC iPurifier?

The iFi Audio AC iPurifier is an essential choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals who strive for the best sound quality possible. With its focus on power supply optimization and active noise reduction, the AC iPurifier offers an opportunity to improve your audio performance and achieve a purer and more immersive listening experience.

In short, the iFi Audio AC iPurifier is a valuable tool for reducing unwanted noise and distortion and optimizing your sound quality. With its advanced technologies and easy installation, the AC iPurifier is an essential addition for anyone striving for a cleaner and more refined sound.