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Review Audio Grade IonizAIR (Kemp Elektroniks Modified)

Audio Grade IonizAIR (Kemp Elektroniks Modified)

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WA-Quantum Audio Grade IonizAIR (Kemp Elektroniks Modified)

Reduced static charges in your room

The air surrounding us contains a surplus of positive ions, which adhere to all kinds of objects. This way, especially plastic objects will become statically charged. This has a negative influence on your equipment as well as on cables. By adding an ionisator near your set this charge, that is part of the electrosmog, can be reduced dramatically.

Our version of the IonizAIR includes a high quality linear power supply. Moreover, we modified the electronics on several components and we added a Creaktiv Systems Twister Stop. Thus, the IonizAIR has very positive effects on your sound & vision only. The IonizAIR doesn't have a fan, so it is very silent. Placement should be high, and even between the speakers. The result is a clearly more dynamic, detailed and direct sound. You'll be surprised how much negative influence static charge had on your set. Picture quality of your TV also improves clearly, as sharpness and contrast are better now. Last but not least: ionised air has a positive influence on your well being.
  • Removes static charge from audio components, cables and loudspeakers
  • A unique A/V accessory with a very high price/performance ratio
  • Also cleans the air from dust, pollen, nicotin, exhaust gases etc.
  • Energy consumption is negligible (just 5 Watts)
  • near inaudible operation
  • No replacement filters necessary, an easy, water cleanable cartridge instead
  • Effective in rooms up to 50 m²
  • Dimensions power supply 59x50x80 mm, cable length 1.8 m / 6 feet
  • 2.5 m / 9 feet extension cable included
  • Weight 740 grams
  • Sizes 155x89x286 mm
Btw. some customers report that multiple IonizAIR in their room strongly contributes to their experience.