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Noise Harvester

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PS Audio Noise Harvester

A Harvester is a parallel noise elimination device.  Plug it into any AC outlet and it collects line noise and converts it to harmless light.  Similar plugin noise reduction devices simply place a capacitor across the AC line which only shunts line noise from hot to neutral but does not eliminate it.  Only a Noise Harvester collects and stores the noise in a capacitor and when enough energy is available, discharges all the unwanted noise into light and it’s gone forever.

Use multiple Harvesters for greater improvement.  Turn a dimmer on in your room and watch the Harvester light go nuts as it reduces the amount of noise present on the line.  Extremely effective, makes a big improvement wherever you place it.

Converts line noise to light
Blacker backgrounds for audio
Better pictures for video
Works at frequencies 10 times lower than any passive filter
Dramatically lowers the noise source
Works throughout the home
Multiple Harvesters work in parallel
Use with exisiting power conditioners
Removes noise not covered by power conditioners