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Oyaide HS-TF
Hybrid materials, carbon + Silver carbon, are employed for the shell.

The socket is composed by aluminum cup ring and 30% glass filler PBT. It helps for vibration attenuation and enhancement of rigidity. Its contact pins are made of brass and plated by rhodium.

The finger lift is finished by matt chrome on aluminum. By arrangement to the forward position of head shell, it actualizes smoother operation compared to previously released HS-CF.

The contact rings of lead wires, HSR-CU(PCOCC-A) Special Edition, are made of phosphor bronze and plated by rhodium.

We tuned HS-TF differently from the former our HS-CF. HS-TF has a punchy and powerful sound charactor which is better for Jazz & popular music.

Contact: brass, rhodium plating
Shell: 4.0mm thick CFRP(13-layers carbon cloth+single-layer Silver cabon on both surfaces)
Socket: Aluminum cup ring + 30% glass filled PBT
Dimentions: L=56mm W=20mm H=15.9mm (without finger lift)
Weight: 10.7g(including lead wires ?HSR-CU Special Edition?)
Attachments: PCOCC-A(3/20/0.08)lead wires ?HSR-CU Special Edition?(Rhodium plated)?Aluminum screws(2 kinds)