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SilClear will significantly improve the sound (or video quality) of any interconnect, power cord, speaker cable, etc. The sonic improvements we hear are, first and foremost, a remarkable increase in treble extension, transparency, detail and sparkle, all without any added edginess. Bass sounds tighter, less boomy. Attacks are noticeably quicker and punchier. Midrange timbres and harmonic details are articulated more clearly, yielding a more natural and intimate musicality. A unique upgrade for all your audio & video cables.

Quick Overview
A contact enhancer with a silver-saturated, hyper-conductive grease as a basis
Improves the performance of each interlink, power cord, speakercable
Easy to apply using the brush supplied
Contacts treated will stay maintenance-free for years
Comes to you in a 7 gram jar, enough for thousands of treatments
Without any doubt, one of the best tweaks of the last years