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Android TV box

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Inakustik Android TV box

The Premium Android 4.2 TV box is a compact mini computer with Android 4.2 operating system as used in current smart phones and tablet computers. It transforms your television into a fully-fledged internet TV so you can surf the internet from the comfort of your sofa, use websites such as YouTube, Google etc., check your e-mails or stay in contact via Facebook. You can also share holiday photos and videos that are saved on your media server or PC/laptop with your friends and family in large format, either on the television or using a projector. Thousands of helpful and entertaining apps such as games, news and videos are available for you in the Google Play Store, which you can also use on your TV. You can connect your hi-fi/surround sound system to the audio or digital output to hear your saved music reproduced in the best possible quality.