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Alpha Design Labs STRATOS (24bit~32bit/384kHz Max.)

The ADL STRATOS is a DAC, preamplifier, phono stage and headphone amplifier with DSD (both 2.8M and 5.6M), USB (24bit/192 kHz) and ADC cababilities.

The STRATOS offers a wide variety of options to help you obtain the best sonic results when you need to convert your LPs or other analog sources to digital.

With its low-latency USB 2.0 audio driver that plays and records at 192 kHz and its built-in high-performance MM/MC phono stage, you can easily record your favorite albums to hard disk via USB. Best of all, you’ll enjoy Furutech’s detailed, clear, and smooth signature sound when you use the ADL STRATOS as the heart and soul of nearly any desktop system.

The STRATOS delivers is a powerful headphone amplifier that can drive any pair of headphones on the market. Whether you use the latest generation of headphones or the most revealing electrostatic ear speakers available, the ADL STRATOS will allow you to venture and explore deeper into the recording than ever before.

The STRATOS may be small and portable, but it contains an amazing amount of technology.
Additional features include L/R analog inputs, switchable line or phono inputs and a controller that supports both ASIO and Asynchronous modes.

The STRATOS also uses the finest Furutech RCA sockets to deliver high-quality sonic results.

The Alpha Design Labs ADL STRATOS is far more than a classic GT-40 with DSD capabilities - every square inch of the STRATOS has been reconsidered and rethought using the latest technology and the latest designs.