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Portable headphone amplifier
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Furutech Cruise

Featuring a single line-level analog input and a 24-bit/96kHz USB digital input allowing for connection to personal-listening devices and computers. The ADL Cruise is portable, relying on a 3.7V 940mAh Li-ion battery for power, and small enough to fit in your hand. It can charge when connected via its USB port, although an AC adapter is included.

The Cruise's chassis is a high-tech-looking carbon fiber.

24/96 USB Input and Analog Line input
Beautifully-finished, lustrous carbon fiber and mirror-polish, nonmagnetic stainless steel
Fits in the palm of your hand! Enjoy your music anywhere, on your desk or on the go.
High-quality Volume/On/Off switch
3.5mm analog line input or USB digital input
Runs on USB power, an AC/DC adaptor or the internal rechargeable battery
High-performance headphone amplifier