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Review G-53FS (4 Stück)

G-53FS (4 Stück)

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fo.Q G-53FS

This is an upgraded version of the G-53F.
It features a material that offers enhanced vibration damping compared to earlier products.

This product makes the perfect spacer for amps and players. The spacer is made from the latest material, consisting of a composite of layers of three different types of polymer hybrid damping material, and an additional layer of glass fiber on the interior.
The spacers perform very well at absorbing unnecessary vibration from the device, producing pure, clear audio without muddiness or distortion.

Additionally, the layer of glass fiber in the interior of the material adds the following features:
? Greatly improves compression strength
? The layer structure is asymmetrical, making it possible to enjoy two types of sound quality by flipping around the spacer.

Precautions on usage
Use them placing under small speakers, amplifiers, or players.
Using together with insulators is possible.