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Fo.Q AB-70

The AB-70 audio board features a multi-layer structure that is a composite of polymer hybrid adhesive damping sheets and two types of advanced hybrid ceramics.

The use of multiple layers of different materials ensures that the board produces highly realistic sound, while the elimination of characteristic sounds makes it possible to express the subtly different tone colors of each instrument. 

The board effectively suppresses tiny unnecessary vibrations in audio and visual equipment, as well as external vibrations, so that it can be used not only as a base for amplifiers, CD, DVD and record players, projectors, and a wide range of other audiovisual equipment, regardless of size, but also as a base for speakers.

Size:70mm diameter x 19mm thickness
Load Resistance: 25kg/block
Color:Aurora blue
Quantity:4 blocks 
Accessories:8 adhesive damping spacers (65 mm diameter x 0.5 mm height)