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Twister-Stop Clear

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Creaktiv Systems Twister-Stop Clear

With its Twister Stop lenses creaktiv Systems offers an interference suppression system for all kinds of electrical appliances, windows, glass, mirrors, wireless routers and many other items that cause electronic smog. Unique in their efficiency and effectiveness Twister Stop's give music lovers' access to spatial, highly differentiated, detail rich and pleasantly natural music playback.

Being clear, aesthetically these twister stops are particularly good on anything glass!

Use on:
Windows, glass equipment racks, mirrors, hi fi components, wireless routers, fuse boxes.

For Hi Fi:
Use twister stops in your listening room, on windows, mirrors, on the casings of your hi fi components by the mains input, on the glass shelves of your hi fi rack and you will hear a big difference in the overall presentation of your music. The soundstage will open up, the treble will be sweeter and more natural, and the coherency through the tonal range will improve.

In your home:
Use twister stops on your fuse box, on your wireless router, on your clock radio, on your TV, on your baby listening device, to dramatically reduce the effect of electronic smog.Clear twister stops are designed for using on windows, mirrors and glass (tables, racks, doors) which all have a huge impact on sound wave distortion.

Available in three different sizes - 12mm, 16mm, 30mm

12mm - 4 pack treats approx 1m²
16mm - 8 pack treats approx 3m²
30mm - 8 pack treats approx 6m²