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CD/DVD Optimizer

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Creaktiv Systems CD/DVD Optimizer

A very special challenge is the optimization of sound carriers, especially CDs. All information, which cannot be reproduced by the source due to interferences, is lost for good. If a charge carrier or a metallized sound carrier is moved in circles, then potential whirls are created. For this reason the alu layer of a CD/DVD in connection with the interfering fields inside the CD player creates stationary eddies. Interfering complex interactions from potential whirls in the dielectric and eddy currents in conducting materials are the result. The more neutral the material structure of the CD against electromagnetic waves, the less interference can develop in the device. The active crystal technology creaktiv Systems ci2p technology structures CDs, LPs and cables in such way, that they are neutral and only minimal interact with electric fields in CD players or pickups. Demagnetization, material distressing and static discharge of the CD/DVD are not achieved. This effect the Disc Optimizer deploys on optical media. The LP Optimizer also affects LPs and cables positively.