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Equalizer Stage

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BRIK Equalizer Stage

We all want to own things that make us feel power and in control. BRIK Equalizer is, to many of our customers, one of those things. It is time to take control over sound output and performance. No other system in the market gives you greater sound alternation controls than BRIK Equalizer. It combines the ease-to-use and audio innovation of BRIK.

BRIK Equalizer provides you with 10 different channel to alter the frequency responses, and it could also be used to eliminate unwanted sounds, make certain instruments or voices more prominet, enhance particular aspects of an instrument's tone, or combat howling. It is rare to see miniture qualizer for home entertainment systems.

Non-Stop Action - BRIK Equalizer is designed to work with not only home entertainment system but also PC and laptop in a non-intrusive way. Gamers will be able to adjust sound output without quitting the game.