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MagicHexa (Black)

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Agora Acoustics MagicHexa
MagicHexa™ is specifically designed and optimized visco-elastic polymer that combines shock absorption, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics to create the ideal acoustic damper and absorber. Its specially formulated aerodynamic honeycomb configuration displays 1,000 times higher damping coefficient than metal, thus reducing the transmission of vibration energies into whatever surface the component is sitting on.

MagicHexa™ improves your audio and visual system's performance by eliminating vibrations on micro and macro levels. Just place them underneath your hi-fi and home theater gear. You will experience dramatically increased transparency, dynamic range, imaging and sound stage.

MagicHexa™ is a very cost-effective solution that eliminates unwanted vibration from wide variety of origin and is especially effective for use in high fidelity audio, visual components even with accessories as like speaker cables, interconnects, AC power conditioners etc.

Unlike general type of rubber accessories, MagicHexa™ is not affected by temperature, pressure etc. For the combined use with the existing anti-vibration accessories, MagicHexa™ provides sufficient surface. Regardless of existence of built-in component feet that is basically integrated to the components, MagicHexa™ allows the easiest installation.

Each MagicHexa™ measures 76mm in diameter and is 23mm tall. They can be stacked on top of each other to increase the height. Micro embossment surface provides non-skid properties.

The maximum load is 12 kg per isolator. If your component exceeds the weight limit of a set of MagicHexa™, you can easily add additional MagicHexa under a component to increase the weight capacity.

Weight : 250g/set, Packing : 4pcs/set