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Acoustic Revive RCI-3 H

The purpose of a cable insulator is to prevent cables from being influenced by vibrations from the speaker. Most conventional cable insulators (or stabilizers) are made from a single material. So even if the cable is lifted from the floor, they will generate their own resonance which will inevitably induce coloration.

We at Acoustic Revive have tested many materials, and as a result of these tests we decided to adopt a combination of top quality maple and ebony, which makes the sound natural and free from coloration. The cable contact surface is covered with special vibration control material for superb resonance control.

In addition, inside the insulator is a blend of natural ores which absorb electromagnetic waves and radiated noise from the cable. Because of its combination of resonance control and noise absorption abilities, the RCI-3 will dramatically improve sound in a manner never before achieved. Noise is dramatically reduced and sound stage and imaging are more focused and three dimensional. The tone will become smoother as well.

Using the RCI-3 on one power cable has a huge effect!
Using more and more RCI-3 to lift cables up from the floor or the rack will improve transparency and make the sound very three dimensional, but using even one RCI-3 on a power cable will have a great effect. Power cables are affected not only by speaker vibrations, but also by the electric power flowing through the cable itself, which leads to loss in voltage and distortion.

Power cables release strong radiation noise which badly affects the surrounding cables and equipment. Using the RCI-3 on power cables allows electricity to flow more smoothly, greatly reducing resonance and radiation noise.

Effective even if all cables are lifted!
Many audiophiles already use short cables that don’t touch the floor or employ some method to keep the cables floated off of the floor or rack. Even in these cases, using the RCI-3 is very effective.